About Me

Picture taken with a pinhole, by my mother


I’ve been a graphics professional since 1997, specialized in vectorization for printing techniques like typography, screen printing and industrial cutting as well. I have a special interest in editorial design and photography, of course:-). Although the image editing is also part of my professional activity, the area of ​​photography itself has recently emerged. I started by trying to fulfill someone else’s dream and ended up embarking on a twig of that dream.

Through this blog I intend to share the images and feelings of my roads and paths with you. Despite the loneliness implicit in the activity of photography, which requires going out alone at dawn to hunt for a sunrise, or that puts us in the silence of the countryside, between a dance of clicks, the soul is filled with moments and detail chains more alive now than ever before. So I started a deeper relationship with nature and all around me, from a humble flower to the most spectacular landscape and a world of underestimated beauty.

I assure you that none of the pictures published are random; some of them have even been taken under a painful state of mind and many others in sincere dazzle and liberation. I’ve associated each pixel with a crypt which protects or hides a meaning, because in the image pixel mosaic, between thousands of crypts, nothing can be read. All we can do is feel, even if we can’t describe the feeling.

At present, I have been photographing Nature as a tribute to the salvation of many of my days in this struggle between the ins and outs of humanity.

I’ve decided to translate most of this blog into English, because all of a sudden I realized almost 90% of its visitors came from the U.S., U.K. and Canada. However, every nation, everyone is welcome.

If you can leave any suggestions and preferences about picture subjects, that will be great!

Thanks for your time and appreciation.

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