F5.6 ISO100 1/320S 119MM


I’d learned that some things are best kept secret.  – Nicholas Sparks


7 thoughts on “Tresure

  1. Um verdadeiro buraco negro. Sim, porque dos outros, que dizem existir, nunca ninguém os viu.
    A fotografia em preto e branco ficou um “must”. E é claro que as gotinhas de água são as cerejas em cima deste bolo.


  2. So very nice! Thanks again for posting your settings. Florals are one of my favorites to photograph. Very helpful. Question: what is the little volume icon? I tap it and it does nothing. Is is a vocal or video? Just curious.


    1. Hi, Alexandria! I’m very grateful for your precious visit, once again! Thank you for the feedback! That little icon is supposed to draw attention to the link next to it, each post has a quote and a youtube link to a music or a video. The icon is not a link itself, not a button, just an poiting sign. But I should link it too, that’s true… and I will ;), thank you! 🙂


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